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Droidcon NYC announces keynote speakers

Today, Droidcon NYC announced its keynote speakers, Chris Haseman and Kevin Grant of Tumblr, who will deliver a joint talk about the future of Android design. “Chris and Kevin are the perfect headliners,” says Kevin Galligan, CEO of Touch Lab and head of Droidcon NYC. “Both are tireless ambassadors for Android as well as New York’s dev community.”

“Plus, Chris and Kevin get that there’s been an enormous shift in focus. Over half of American smartphone users rely on Android devices, and they’re demanding the best user experience we can create. It’s no longer enough for an app to be functional — it has to deliver phenomenal UX.”

Two additional experts from the best of Android’s development and design community have also joined Droidcon NYC’s impressive roster: Roman Nurik from Google and Jean-Baptiste Queru “JBQ”, Senior Principal Engineer, Mobile at Yahoo.


Chris Haseman
Director of Mobile at Tumblr

Kevin Grant
Android Engineer, Tumblr

Create Software With Soul

Chris and Kevin will discuss the evolution of Android design, Tumblr’s design battles (with numbers to back up the company’s claims of success), and give a call to action on the importance of building beautiful software in the era of Material Design.

Roman Nurik
Android Developer Advocate at Google
Material Design for Android

Jean-Baptiste Queru “JBQ”
Senior Principal Engineer, Mobile at Yahoo
How to Maintain Your Brand Identify within the Android Design Guidelines

JBQ will talk about merging new android design principles with the branding guidelines of Yahoo across platforms.

Additional talks will discuss core skills for beginning and intermediate Android devs, as well as topics like recording and playing video on Android,and emerging frameworks such as RxJava, Dagger and Flow/Motar. See the full speaker line up here. Register before 9/5 and get $200 off admission.