Aida Issayeva

Senior Software Engineer & Google Developer Expert for Android

Talk Title

What does Recomposition mean to your app?






13:20 > 40 min


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You’ve heard a lot that Jetpack Compose is a declarative UI toolkit and it recomposes only the components that changed. But what does it exactly mean? How does it apply not only in the scale of one composable function but the entire app? Well, it turns out there is more than meets the eye when it comes to recomposition, and in this talk, we will deep dive into its benefits, costs, and gotchas. You’ll learn some practical tips to efficiently build functions in Jetpack Compose.

Speaker Bio

Aida is a Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android with over 7 years of experience building android applications for various industries, ranging from cloud gaming services to satellite data communications to fintech. On a personal level, she’s that friend, who has a to-do list for the day, plans everything out, and creates itineraries hour-by-hour for everyone.