Caleb Donoho

Flutter Mobile Software Engineer at Betterment

Talk Title

Fakes over Mocks: Shift your paradigm and identify monolithic code






14:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

- Mocks can be powerful, but also can be a trap to start testing implementation details rather than output/state
- Migrating from mocks to fakes can help identify monolithic code that violates the Single-Responsibility principle
- Thinking with reusable fakes makes tests run in environments closer to fully integrated code
- This talk is aimed toward developers already familiar with mockito or mocktail

Speaker Bio

Caleb is a software engineer at Betterment where he works on the mobile app in the investing lane. He also contributes to the mobile platform, particularly digging into QA and automation. Outside of work, Caleb enjoys playing tabletop games and exploring the world through the food of NYC(though he has a particular affinity for a classic slice of cheese pizza)