Cullen Shannon

Senior Android Engineer - CapTech Consulting

Talk Title

An Opinionated, Gradle-Based Approach to Automated Version Management






09:50 > 40 min


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Managing your app's release names and numbers is often a manual process, hindering automated CI/CD initiatives. Many teams designate a specific team member to increment the required versionCode/versionName fields, manually push/pull releases branches into downstream branches, and resolve merge conflicts when hotfixing version-related issues.

With proper Gradle architecture, these pesky versioning tasks can be fully self-deriving, require no manual intervention whatsoever, and support a truly automated CI/CD pipeline.

This talk will focus on an opinionated approach to addressing these problems, as well as the practical lessons learned after rearchitecting a modern, agile-centric CI/CD pipeline for a big-name app with millions of users.

Speaker Bio

Cullen Shannon is a Senior Android Engineer at CapTech Consulting. With more than 15 years of Fortune 500 experience prior to consulting, Cullen is passionate about using modern technologies to help big enterprises stay nimble and competitive.