Dinorah Tovar Tovar

Mobile Platform Engineer

Talk Title

6 weeks of Compose or How a good Design System is vital in Compose






11:00 > 40 min


on Twitter

In this talk, we will cover the pitfalls and wins our Mobile Team encountered in rewriting our mobile application in Compose in just 6 weeks

We will focus, on the pros cons, pitfalls, and problems we encounter, also the learnings we gather and the process that helps us to make this happen! that probably will help everyone that may want to move from XML to Compose in a smooth way

We will tackle how a good design system can save you a lot of time if we focus on writing good atoms and good components!

Speaker Bio

Dinorah is Platform Mobile Engineer at Konfio, In the past, she led the mobile engineering teams of Lonely Planet and the Boston Consulting Group. She’s also a speaker in many tech conferences for the community, like Women Who Code, Droidcon and Kotlin Everywhere.
Twitter: @ddinorahtovar