Effie Barak

Android tech Lead @Lottie GmbH and Android GDE

Talk Title

AOSP customization






13:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Writing your own Android apps is so cool, but what's even cooler than being cool? Using Android Studio to make your own entire Android-based Operating System, and it's not even hard!

In this talk we'll cover:
- What is the Android Open-Source Project, how is it different than the Android that I have on my phone, and which parts are easy to customize vs which parts might be harder
- How to setup and build AOSP, and get the image onto a real Pixel device or emulator
- How you can get a working environment for AOSP similar to what you're used to for writing Android apps
- How to add your own apps or even replace the default apps (even add a custom launcher!)
- How to override the status bar / navigation bar UIs
- Tools that AOSP uses under the hood to build and manage the source code, and how you can take advantage of them to create your own builds
- How to get code from our your private repositories into AOSP

Speaker Bio

I work at Lottie GmbH, as the Android tech lead, building custom tablets for kids! We work with AOSP into a custom tablet, and write our apps in Compose with plenty of animations, Kotlin, ExoPlayer and many other exciting tech choices

With 7+ years of Android experience I worked in various bay area companies as Senior Android engineer, inc Quizlet, Pinterest, Udemy and Slack

I began working as a C# developer 10 years ago. I became a mobile developer 9 years ago, and released many Windows and Windows Phone apps. After moving to San Francisco in 2013, I worked for Slack on the Windows Phone app.