Jigar Brahmbhatt

Kotlin Multiplatform at Touchlab

Talk Title

Integrating Kotlin/JS in a Kotlin Multiplatform library






14:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Javascript is one of the supported targets for a Kotlin Multiplatform project. One can add Kotlin/JS target to an existing Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile library to output a JS library code.

There are various aspects to consider for the Kotlin/JS integration,
• Supporting JavaScript or Typescript
• Gradle configuration
• Exposing Kotlin code to JavaScript and writing JS-specific code
• JS Library size and impact of third-party libraries
• Architectural decisions around shared code across platforms, networking, storage, serialization, etc.

This talk discusses how to deal with the issues mentioned above and more.

Speaker Bio

Jigar is a Senior Kotlin Multiplatform developer at Touchlab, where he started the Kotlin Multiplatform journey just a little year ago.

Before that, Jigar did Android development for over ten years and had led teams to build various mobile SDKs and apps.

After working in US and India, he currently lives in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada.

He deeply cares about accessible design, mobile security, and software engineering practices like code reviews, documentation, unit testing, etc.

He likes to lead a team, mentor others, and believes in bringing equity, transparency, and empathy to the workspace.

He enjoys running and photography and often ponders how to leave a positive impact on the world around him!