Laurent Sigal

Co-founder and CTO at Waldo

Talk Title

Mastering the mobile testing pyramid






16:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

For too many years mobile test automation has been an oft promised but elusive dream. After working with hundreds of mobile application companies in his role as co-founder & CTO of Waldo, Laurent Sigal will take you through the guiding principles and practical steps necessary to create the infrastructure to actually build out effective mobile test automation.

Speaker Bio

Laurent Sigal is an engineering leader with a passion for finding elegant solutions to hard problems across the entire technology stack. Laurent is the co-founder & CTO of Waldo. Waldo has solved the question of hoto build automated mobile tests that are qucik to build and easy to maintain.
At Waldo, Laurent oversees Waldo’s product development and is focused on scaling infrastructure and processes to enable mobile development team’s to shift testing left in their software development lifecycle.
Laurent has previously held technical positions at leading software companies, including Box and Button. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from École Polytechnique and a Masters in Visual Processing from Imperial College London.