Nacho López

Staff Software Engineer @ Twitter

Talk Title

Android UIs at Scale: UI Architecture in the Compose world






10:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

Android UIs are experiencing a paradigm shift with the advent of Jetpack Compose, and it's necessary for us to prepare for it.

As we navigate these weird times for UI development in Android, we need to have a strategy in place to adopt Compose, but how can we embrace Compose, currently in beta, while maintaining our current UI in a good state? How does an architecture that plays nice with Views and Composables look like?

In this session I will describe the mechanisms that we use at Twitter to create UI components. I will explain how we manage their reusability and encapsulation, how our stateful UI components look like, how they work with Android Views and Composables and how the migration path between them.

Speaker Bio

Nacho is a Staff Software Engineer on Twitter’s Client UI team, and he is based in Spain, where he works as a full remote employee. He has been at Twitter since 2016.

In this role, Nacho is working on providing infrastructure for other teams to develop their features on. He is currently focused on developing Twitter´s in house UI architecture framework, Weaver, and driving Jetpack Compose adoption. Prior to this role, Nacho was a member of the Android Architecture team, and before that he was tech lead on the Events Clients product team at Twitter for 3 years.

Before Twitter, Nacho worked at Facebook, Yahoo, and Mobivery.

Originally from Valencia, Spain. He is a Paella advocate, a former video game professional and a Heavy Metal enthusiast.