Rooz Mohazzabi

Android Dev Rel at Gradle

Talk Title

Improving Android Developer Experience with Gradle Build Scans


Tokyo Room




14:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

As a developer, you just want your builds to work but every now and then things go wrong and you need to investigate the build. That investigation sucks up a lot of your time and forces context switching. In this talk we show how build scans can help save a lot of time when you need to find build performance bottlenecks, investigate/troubleshoot CI and build/tool chain failures, visualize your dependencies, etc. to troubleshoot/investigate build issues and accelerate your builds/tests.

From this session you will learn…
- What are Gradle Build Scans?
- When and why would you use a Build Scan?
- Getting started with Build Scans
- Demo: How can I accelerate investigating/troubleshooting Build/CI issues?
- What’s happening in my build (Build Scan Walkthrough)
- What are Tags and Custom Values
- Remote Troubleshooting and collaborating with a colleague
- Troubleshooting Build, CI and Test Failures
- Viewing and Investigating Dependencies
- Viewing and Investigating Plugins and Infrastructure details
- Gradle build tool switches - what features of Gradle Build Tool am I using
- Capturing Android Instrumented / UI tests in the Build Scan test report
- How do I investigate Build Slowdowns and Performance related issues?
- What is a build cache and what are the different Gradle cache types
- Demo: Investigating build performance, parallelization, build cache, timeline view
- Build Caching for custom tasks
- Build Validation Scripts
- Artifact Transforms in Build Scans

Speaker Bio

Rooz has been a part of the Gradle customer support team helping large Android apps with their shipping-software-at-scale challenges. Rooz is also the one of the co-organizers of the San Francisco Android GDG, Gradle Summit, and the host of DevProdEng (DPE) Showdown.