Sergei Rybalkin

Kotlin @ Meta

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Kotlin Adoption in the Giant Java Application






15:20 > 40 min


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Usually, Kotlin adoption is a smooth process: do some initial configuration and then follow the typical flow "writing code → building code → shipping code". But turns out this experience does not scale well for a really big project.

Two Sergeys will walk you through the Kotlin adoption journey at Meta. You will learn what problems speakers have encountered while trying to bring a new programming language into the biggest mobile codebase: from infrastructure support to hardcode JVM bytecode optimizations. Contains bloody DEX code.

Speaker Bio

Sergei is working with JVM-based languages for more then 9 years. At Facebook he is adopting and optimising Kotlin for Android. Before joining Facebook Sergei worked on Kotlin adoption for server side and frameworks at Alibaba Group.
Sergei develops and maintains Kohttp, a Kotlin DSL HTTP client ( and Redex, an Android bytecode optimizer (