Jetpack Compose is the new incredibly powerful UI rendering framework for Android. While its out of the box functionality is intuitive and great for building material apps, Lunchbox is leveraging it’s more customizable aspects and new ways of passing data across UI elements to create a framework for designers to be able to rapidly create branded apps for our clients from basic templates.

Lunchbox is a company building white-label ordering apps for restaurants with flexible design and feature sets, and fully customizable branding. Using Compose, the Lunchbox Android team is looking to cut developers entirely out of the onboarding of a new client.

Developers build out Composables, which the design team then sizes, styles, and inserts into app screens. Since UI components only need to be built once, and can be deployed to any one of our white-label apps, developers only ever have to build features and never build layouts for existing or new clients.