After Jetpack Compose was finally released, creators of new Android apps were now equipped with a tool that will help them easily write apps using the new declarative approach.

The journey is not easy for developers who already have large apps that use the imperative, XML-based approach and want to convert it to Jetpack Compose. This talk will aim to answer the question: should you migrate an existing code base to Jetpack Compose? Is it worth it? Are there any benefits to migrating an existing app or should one rather write a Jetpack Compose app from scratch? This talk will be based on my experience of migrating a large real-world production project, an open-source app I developed in 2015. In this brand new, special talk for Droidcon New York, I will highlight that journey in great detail going through all the screens migrated and how that was done, showing the various resources used, and tools available to make the migration a possibility. The talk will also outline the learnings during this migration, the process as well as the pitfalls to avoid.