A case study on how Netflix and Gradle have been working together to optimize Netflix Android builds, find bottlenecks, and improve developer productivity. Emmanuel Boudrant from Netflix and Rooz Mohazzabi from Gradle will share wins and findings from their journey on…

How Netflix does builds
– Gradle / AGP / Android Studio
– Build Scans, Gradle profiler
– CI / CD
The Developer Productivity Journey
– The first build scan
– Build caching, who’s using it? Who’s Not?
– Identifying build performance bottlenecks
– Enabling local and remote build caching
Build Performance Regressions: One year later, the usual suspects are back
– Android SDK and JDK version
– CI vs Local cache-miss
– Setting up Android properties properly
– Dagger and other annotation processors
Build properties case with modularisation
– How dependency injection helped