Steve Lerner

Director, Sale Engineering - Product Science

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Mobile Application Performance Done The Right Way






15:00 > 40 min


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In the overcrowded mobile market, performance is key but a problem still exists; it’s hard to measure performance. Mobile app performance analysis tools have lagged behind the advances in Observability - until now. Join this session where we will be rethinking mobile performance management. Learn about the impact of combining tracing and APM specifically for mobile app developers to be able to see their user flows and the code behind them.

Our ultimate goal is that democratizing software development leads to a better — more performant, inclusive and thoughtful — mobile product and UX. Attend this session to get an introduction to groundbreaking technology and toolsets where we will dive deep through code with a single pane of glass for Android and iOS, and visualize apps alongside their code in a totally new way.

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Steve Lerner