Sujit Poudel

Senior Mobile Engineer

Talk Title

Mobile DevOps – How CI/CD can change your development world






14:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

We will be discussing what Mobile DevOps and CI/CD really is and how to develop your own CI/CD pipeline to save you and your company time and money. We will also go over the built in Workflows offered by Bitrise that automate the CI/CD process and provide a live demo on creating unique Steps developers can add to their own Workflows.

Speaker Bio

Sujit is a Senior Mobile Engineer at Bitrise working on a Mobile Experts Pillar. He started as Android engineer in 2011, switched to iOS engineering in 2020 while working at Compass, with a big focus on infra. In his spare time, he likes to try astrophotography, playing ping pong, while munching on Audible’s sci-fi section