Thomas Wolf

Head of Android Engineering at SiriusXM + Pandora

Talk Title

A Journey to Building a Server Driven UI Framework






16:10 > 40 min


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As companies merge, they often contend with duplicated tech-stacks. Beyond the technical infrastructure, users now expect dynamic and personalized experiences. Here is SiriusXM + Pandora’s journey to combining forces and building a scalable Server Driven UI framework that will power 150 million listeners across multiple audio brands.

To take that one step further, our Android Team faces the challenge of not only powering multiple brands, but also a vast array of device form factors (mobile, automotive, TV…). This emphasized the importance of a modular architecture and the need to SDKify our client logic. Bonus: our team adopted Jetpack Compose along the way.

In this session we will discuss modularization, scalable architecture, and UI/UX (including Jetpack Compose).

Speaker Bio

I am a computer nerd born and raised in Wyoming. If you don’t know where that is, think Yellowstone. Yes, we have electricity and running water. No, we do not have to ride horses to school. I love the great outdoors, traveling, and finding the next adventure. Most recently, I started flight school to get my private pilot’s license.

My background is in computer science and I have worked in the software industry for well over a decade. During that time, my primary focus has been mobile development. Throughout my career, I have worked in government, eCommerce, news, and media. While at SiriusXM + Pandora, I started as a Senior Software Engineer and am currently the Associate Director of our Android Team.