Alex Vanyo

Android Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

Talk Title

Building Responsive UIs for tablets, foldables, and other devices






11:00 > 40 min


on Twitter

The rising popularity of tablets and foldable devices unlocks opportunities to address a new range of users in innovative ways. This talk will cover how to design and test Android applications that look and feel great across all device types and screen sizes, from tablets to foldables to ChromeOS. We'll show you the fundamentals of how content can best fit these varying screens, introduce some canonical layouts as a starting point for your designs, show you how to leverage foldables, and give you tips to structure your app using principles of responsive UI.

Speaker Bio

I’m an Android developer with a love of details. As a Developer Relations Engineer, I’m trying to improve APIs, write samples and share knowledge so that everyone can create polished, testable and beautiful apps. My currently focuses are on Jetpack Compose for large screens and Wear.