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Ofir Miron

Software Engineer Google

>>Implementing Two Pane Layout with Jetpack

Manuel Nakamurakare

Pinterest, Android Build Engineer

>>How we brought down our build times. Modularization impact on build speeds and metrics

Aida Issayeva

Senior Software Engineer & Google Developer Expert for Android

>>What does Recomposition mean to your app?

Lena Stepanova

Mobile Developer

>>KMM workshop: sharing everything but UI

Ty Smith

Android Platform Tech Lead and Open Source TSC Chair at Uber

>>Mobile Developer Productivity at Scale

Ryan Brooks

Android Lead @ Emerge Tools

>>Creating and orchestrating meaningful performance tests in CI

Zsolt Kocsi

Staff Android engineer at Bumble

>>Business-logic first navigation with Jetpack Compose – From zero to hero

Adam McNeilly

Senior Android Engineer, Capsule

>>Behind The Screen: The Humans Who Use Our Code

Daniel Galpin

Android Developer Advocate and Fast Talking YouTuber

>>The Evolution of Android Graphics

Caleb Donoho

Flutter Mobile Software Engineer at Betterment

>>Fakes over Mocks: Shift your paradigm and identify monolithic code

Alec Strong

Android Developer @ Cash App

>>Exploring Dynamic Feature Modules

Amanjeet Singh

Senior Software Engineer at mobile.dev

>>Chasing performance issues methodically

Arkadii Ivanov

Software Engineer and Kotlin fan

>>Decompose your Kotlin Multiplatform project into feature modules

Dinorah Tovar Tovar

Mobile Platform Engineer

>>6 weeks of Compose or How a good Design System is vital in Compose

Effie Barak

Android tech Lead @Lottie GmbH and Android GDE

>>AOSP customization

Hari Vignesh Jayapalan

Senior Android Developer at WeTransfer

>>Functional Programming in Kotlin for AndroidDevs

Nelson Osacky

Solutions at Gradle

>>Keeping your team's Gradle builds in top shape

Mohit Sarveiya

Google Developers Expert Kotlin & Android

>>Building StateFlows in Android with Jetpack Compose

Mayowa Egbewunmi

Premise Data, Staff Android Engineer.

>>Recording Video with CameraX and Jetpack Compose

Jake Wharton

Cash App

>>Native UI with multiplatform Compose

Jesse Wilson

Cash App

>>Native UI with multiplatform Compose

Matt McKenna

Senior Android Engineer at Square

>>Behind The Screen: The Humans Who Use Our Code

Orel Zion

Viz.ai Sr. Android Developer

>>Jetpack Paging Library 3 in Real Life

Paul Lammertsma

Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Android

>>Optimize your app for large screens

Pavlo Stavytskyi

Software Engineer at Lyft

>>Advanced techniques for building Kotlin DSL(s)

Russell Wolf

Kotlin Multiplatform at Touchlab

>>Kotlin Multiplatform at five years

Sanat Tripathi

Senior Android Engineer at Comcast

>>A deep dive into deep links

Adam McNeilly

Senior Android Engineer, Capsule

>>Composing With Confidence

Sumayyah Ahmed

Senior Android Engineer

>>Dynamic Navigation in Modularized Apps

Tadeas Kriz

Senior Mobile Developer at Touchlab

>>Meta-programming with KSP and Kotlin compiler plugins

Tunji Dahunsi

Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

>>Indemnity in the Data Layer

Fatih Giriş

Android Lead @DNB

>>Using Compose Runtime to create a client library

John O’Reilly

Android Software Engineer @ Neat

>>The ever increasing convergence of native iOS and Android mobile development

Jossi Wolf

Software Engineer at Google

>>A Hitchhiker's Guide to Compose Compiler: Composers, Compiler Plugins, and Snapshots

Etienne Caron

Software Developer / Entrepreneur

>>Building Multi-Platform Projects with MVI Architecture

Rahul Ravikumar

Software Engineer at Google

>>Making apps blazing fast with Baseline Profiles

Oleg Godovykh

Android Craftsman @ Square

>>Migration without Migraines: Automatic Migration at Scale

Julien Salvi

Lead Android Engineer @ Aircall

>>Android App Bundle: from start to deployment

Louis cad

Striving for efficiency

>>The future of dependency management, seen from 2022

Ramona Harrison

Staff Software Engineer at The New York Times

>>Leverage Compose Tooling to Improve Your Workflow

Ray Ryan

Senior Software Citizen at Square

>>Navigation and Dependency Injection in Compose

Stephen Edwards

Android Engineer @ Square

>>Migration without Migraines: Automatic Migration at Scale

Thomas Wolf

Associate Director of Software Engineering at SiriusXM + Pandora

>>A Journey to Building a Server Driven UI Framework

Zhenlei Ji

Android Engineer • Script Addicted • Origami Enthusiast

>>Life is too short to develop only for Android - A journey to Server-driven UI

David Morant

Android Developer @ The New York Times

>>Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI: A side-by-side comparison

Jamal Rogers

The New York TImes, Senior Software Engineer iOS

>>Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI: A side-by-side comparison

Nicole Terc

Android Developer @ Clue

>>Composable Sheep: A Canvas Story

Kurt Nelson

Senior Software Engineer & Android Xoogler

>>Observability of your app in production

Aaron Sarazan

VP Engineering @ Volley

>>Platform Politics: Making Peace Outside of KMP

Sam Edwards

Android & Kotlin GDE @ Dropbox

>>KMP4FREE in 2023

Victor Lai

Android engineer at Square

>>Understanding the principles of Rx, Flow, Compose, and more, through Programming Paradigms

Annyce Davis

Google Developer Expert, Online Video Instructor

>>The Real MVP: Going from idea to users' hands!

Nate Ebel

Mobile Developer & Instructor

>>Adopting Kotlin Multiplatform In Brownfield Applications

Ahmed Tikiwa

Senior Software Engineer & Android Tech Lead at Luno

>>From XML to Compose, my journey of transforming an existing large app to Jetpack Compose

Chris Ward

Android Engineering Manager, NordVPN

>>Coding for Good: Achieving social change with an app

Madona Wambua

Android Engineer, WGU Labs

>>What is the future of the community in an always-evolving world?

Will Shelor

Android Developer

>>Optimizing Render Performance of Jetpack Compose

Gabriel Peal

Lottie + Mavericks. Works at Tonal. Worked at Airbnb and Google.

>>Dagger + Anvil: Learning to Love Dependency Injection

Tasha Ramesh

Android @ Tinder

>>Creative Coding with Compose

Liam Spradlin

Senior Design Advocate, Google

>>The Future of Design is Still Personal: Reaching Toward True Adaptation

Alex Vanyo

Android Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

>>Building Responsive UIs for tablets, foldables, and other devices

Jonathan Koren

Developer Relations Engineer, Android @ Google

>>Building Responsive UIs for tablets, foldables, and other devices

Cullen Shannon

Senior Android Engineer - CapTech Consulting

>>An Opinionated, Gradle-Based Approach to Automated Version Management