Inaki Villar

gradle, solutions engineer

Talk Title

Top Build Performance issues in Android projects – 2023 Edition


Tokyo Room




14:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

In this talk, we will discuss some of the top build performance issues that Android developers face, and provide solutions to these problems.

We will begin by explaining what the Gradle build cache is and how it works. We will then outline the common issues that developers encounter when using Gradle build cache.

We will then demonstrate combining the powerful Build Validation Scripts with automation and notifications to systematically surface new build cache misses and to keep them from reappearing once they have been fixed.

We will close by diving into Artifact Transform insights in Build Scan – the most commonly requested feature by Android developers – and by showing how you can use the new Tests API in Gradle Enterprise to automate your flaky test workflows.

Speaker Bio

Inaki Villar is a Solutions Engineer on Gradle Enterprise team, and he is based in Los Angeles.
In this role, Inaki is working on providing solutions and optimizations for Clients of Gradle Enterprise in Gradle/Maven builds. Before this role, Inaki was focused on Android and Build performance for other companies like Tinder, Agoda, Synchronous, Ryanair and Ideaknow.
Originally from Mallorca, Spain. He enjoys watching real football and water activities.