Maia Grotepass

Staff Engineer: Android principal at Luno

Talk Title

90s Website … in 2023 on mobile in Compose … for science


Tokyo Room




11:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Why would anyone build something with a 90s website aesthetic - in Compose? Nostalgia? For one the 90s website aesthetic made heavy use of animations and visual effects. So emulating this style will take any animation framework through its paces. This talk will take some of the most iconic 90s website elements and demonstrate how to reproduce them to build a retro mobile experience using Jetpack Compose.

I can’t promise the end result will have a good user experience but I can promise a good look at the animation system in Compose and a collection of cheesy code snippets.

Speaker Bio

Mobile dev since Cupcake. Android GDE. Kotlin enthusiast. Dogs make me happy.