Michael Genewich

Senior Director Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Talk Title

Unlock Your App’s Potential


Sydney Room




13:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

In this session you’ll learn to create premium user experiences by accessing Android APIs that were previously reserved only for OEMs. In this session you’ll see demos and real-world examples on how to supercharge your camera and video applications on capable devices.

We’ll also share how our collaboration with Google and Dolby exposes functionality in the most power-optimized way. Join this session to also find out how to get the most out of the device camera using the Android on Snapdragon APIs, including:o Easily add HDR, AI, and low-light features to your camera app
o Settings to capture the best camera shots
o HW-optimized video playback

Speaker Bio

Mike Genewich, Senior Director of Product Management Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., manages the planning and execution of Android software products across Qualcomm Technologies’ Android chipsets and platforms, including all Android phones and tablets. His role at Qualcomm Technologies involves software technologies, including high-level Android OS work and software images such as modem, connectivity, DSP, and security delivered as a complete distro for developers. Key to this is his in-depth understanding of mobile hardware, including system on chip software, core hardware components (e.g., CPU, Wi-Fi, camera), and evolving technologies like 5G and AI. Before this role, Mike worked in several technical roles, including systems, services, and software engineering.