Vinay Gaba

Android @ Airbnb

Talk Title

Adopting Jetpack Compose @ Scale


Paris Room




09:00 > 00 min


on Twitter

Over the last couple years, thousands of apps have embraced Jetpack Compose for building their Android apps. While everyone is using the same library, the approach they've taken in adopting it is really different on each team. There's a lot of nuance in how one approaches a migration of this size and the difficulty is amplified when you are doing this at scale.

This panel discussion brings together engineers working on popular apps that are using Compose and their experience in coordinating it's adoption.

Speaker Bio

Vinay is a Google Developer Expert for Android and has been building Android apps since 2011. He spends a lot of his time playing with Jetpack Compose and is the creator of resources like and Learn Jetpack Compose By Example.

He’s a Technical Lead at Airbnb and works on the UI Systems team that’s responsible for maintaining the Design System and UI Infrastructure . While at Airbnb, he authored and open-sourced Showkase, a popular library for visualizing, discovering and screenshot testing UI components built using Jetpack Compose. He’s also the creator of and Learn Jetpack Compose By Example.

Prior to Airbnb, Vinay worked at Snapchat & Spotify and got his MS in Computer Science from Columbia University. He likes to spend his weekends working on his side projects, surfing and making elaborate travel plans.