Sam Edwards

Android Foundation @ Square

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Dubai Room




10:20 > 40 min


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Embrace the Interceptor pattern of software design to create cleaner abstractions, enable flexibility, and set yourself up for writing high quality tests. This versatile approach empowers engineers with unmatched control, adaptability, and seamless integration with dependency injection. Join me to explore how interfaces and protocols serve as the foundation for making code flexible, adaptable and composable. We’ll talk about high level design playbooks as well as real-world examples you can start using today to leverage this software design pattern. Examples such as utilizing reflection-based Proxy Objects, employing "Fakes" in unit tests, wrapping 3rd party libraries and modifying network traffic.

Speaker Bio

Sam has been sharing his knowledge on software development through talks, post, open source and screencasts for the last 12 years and is recognized as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Android and Kotlin. He has a passion for creating high quality software, learning from the community and sharing back his experiences. Check out where he shares tips and tricks about Android and Kotlin development.