Android Engineer, WGU Labs & Google Developer Expert for Android

Talk Title

Keynote: What is the future of the community in an always-evolving world?






09:20 > 40 min


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The pandemic destabilized many communities, android included. In turn, community interactions have evolved. In this talk, I will explore how one can contribute to the community in an esteemed way at every phase of their career; we can all agree community engagement varies and does help elevate our careers.

We will talk about what a junior can do and discuss what a senior can do in an evolving community. As I give examples of ways, I have been engaging the Android community and leveraging this to build my network.

Speaker Bio

Madona is an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android with over five years of experience building Android Applications. She is also a Women Who Code Mobile Lead Volunteer, Women Tech Maker Ambassador, and a developer who enjoys sharing her Android knowledge and teaching others how to make Android applications.