Matt McKenna

Android at Square, Android GDE

Talk Title

Designing for Disconnection: The Mental Model of Offline Apps


Sydney Room




11:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

In today's interconnected world we developers rely on our users to have strong networks for the best app experience. Empty states and error states perforate our designs and view systems. What if there was another way? What if we gave users more control? Adding offline support to an app that was built to be online only is a challenge, but a surmountable one.

You’ll learn how to reframe the mental model of your app and walk away with strategies for incrementally adding offline support, how to avoid key stumbling points, and the benefits you will bring to your users!

Speaker Bio

Matt (he/him) is a Software engineer specializing in Android. He is passionate about people, podcasts and always learning. Currently he works on SDKs at Square and enjoys well designed architecture and meaningful UIs.

His journey into Android has been fueled by fostering open discussions with other engineers, a passion for helping others through technology, and many midnight espressos.

After hours, Matt likes to convince his friends that boardgames are not dead.