Matt McKenna

Senior Android Engineer at Square

Talk Title

Behind The Screen: The Humans Who Use Our Code






15:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Android has been around for over 10 years, and has now become the most used operating system in the entire world. It is the go to operating system for all kinds of user facing devices. From car displays and airplane entertainment systems, to fitness gear and points of sale, users are having countless interactions with Android. Sometimes without even realizing it. Android reaches humans from all walks of life and it is our responsibility to make them feel welcome and help keep them safe.

This talk will cover key considerations to add to your engineering practice. Not all users use their devices the same way and we will learn about many styles of interaction. Advocate for the user. Learn how to recognize and push back against dark patterns before they make their way into the public.

By putting these skills into practice, Android will continue to grow and be recognized as a great platform for all, and together we can ensure this happens.

Speaker Bio

Matt (he/him) is a Software Engineer specializing in Android. He is passionate about people, podcasts and always learning. Currently he works on SDKs at Square and enjoys well designed architecture and meaningful UIs.

His journey into Android has been fueled by fostering open discussions with other engineers, a passion for helping others through technology, and many midnight espressos.

After hours, Matt likes to convince his friends that boardgames are not dead.