Fano Yong

Android Platform @ Reddit

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Case Study: How Android Platform @ Reddit learned to stop worrying and embrace DevX


Tokyo Room




11:50 > 40 min


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Successful platform teams are often caretakers of the developer experience and productivity. Explore some of the ways that the Reddit platform team has evolved its tooling and processes over time, and how we turned a platform with multi-hour build times into a hive of modest efficiency. Hear about what worked, what challenges were faced, and learn how you can help your organization evolve successfully over time, no matter the scale.

Key Points:

What We Monitor & How We Measure
* Quantitative and Qualitative Measures

Approaches that improved our local build experience
* Better Code Organization
* Addressing the Pain of Context Switching
* Improved Build Times & Tools for Success
* Preventing Downstream Failures

Approaches that improved our CI build experience
* Improved Workflow Organization
* Faster Runtimes / Parallelism / Sharding
* Improved Stability & Interactivity
* Self-Serve Tooling & Awareness (Bots, so many bots)

Approaches that improved our test coverage and app quality
* Introducing a Full Testing Pyramid
* Observability and Enforcement of Code Coverage

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Android Platform @ Reddit