Jan Vidar Krey

VP of Engineering @ Promon

Talk Title

Best practices for shielding mobile apps from emerging threats


Tokyo Room




11:15 > 20 min


on Twitter

Whether it's fraud, data exfiltration, IP theft, or tampering, Android developers have no shortage of threats to address and mitigate. In this talk, Jan Vidar Krey, the head of development for Promon, will unveil the company's latest research in mapping the state of affairs for real-world Android application security. Recently, the company reviewed how 100 of the most-used Android finance apps handled a typical malware attack – 92% were susceptible.

Jan Vidar will then share the practical steps Android developers can take to protect their apps and reduce risk.

Speaker Bio

VP of Engineering at Promon – working on app security for Android, iOS and desktop platforms. Securing apps with more than 1 billion end users.

Based in Oslo, Norway.