Kurt Nelson

Senior Software Engineer

Talk Title

Observability of your app in production






17:00 > 40 min


on Twitter

Just shipped your app to the Play Store for the first time? You'll want to make sure you have visibility into what is going on in the wild. We'll go through an overview of some of the most useful and often free tools, such as Play Store vitals; Firebase reporting; logging, and performance monitoring.
You'll leave this talk with the knowledge to help improve the quality of your app and avoid fire fighting in production.

Speaker Bio

Kurt has been working with Android at the framework and application level since 2010 and bought a Motorola Xoom. At Google, he worked on Glass, Google Buds and the internal application framework used by apps such as Tez & Google Go. At Uber, he worked on the mobile platform team improving reliability and developer velocity across the suite of apps. He has taught Android to Software Engineers at many top tech companies as a Big Nerd Ranch instructor.
He currently lives in SF and works for VSCO as an Android Engineer.