Kurt Nelson

Senior Software Engineer

Talk Title

Putting a Jetpack on your legacy codebase


Tokyo Room




15:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

At Pinterest, we are always working on using the latest technologies when possible in our 10+ year old codebase. Adding architecture components such as Hilt and Navigation without requiring everyone to rewrite their existing features can be quite a challenge. Hear about some of the techniques and challenges the platform team at Pinterest has had to use in order to adopt these new technologies under the hood.

Speaker Bio

Kurt has worked with Android at the framework and application level since 2010. At Google, he worked on Glass, Google Buds, and the internal application framework used by apps such as Tez & Google Go. At Uber, he worked on the mobile platform team improving reliability and developer velocity across the suite of apps. He currently lives in SF and works for Pinterest on the Platform team on improving our internal frameworks and architecture.