Mario Bodemann


Talk Title

Multiplatform USB: How to Communicate Seamlessly


Sydney Room




15:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

At the droidcon Berlin we as the GDG Berlin Android introduced 'ZeBadge' a digital name badge, programmed by a companion Android app.

Sadly it was limited to only Android companions. But not anymore! Let me introduce ZeKompanion: A multiplatform app that communicates with ZeBadge, no matter the platform (except for iOS).

This talk will guide through the architecture of the app, describing the abstractions taken and explain how you can leverage Kotlin Multiplatform for Mobile to abstract the platform specific USB communication from the Compose UI displayed on all devices.

Follow here for an interesting journey about USB Serial communication, Kotlin and KMM, Jetpack Compose and how to boil it all together into one app: ZeKompanion.

Speaker Bio


I love building things: Communities @ GDG Berlin Android and strange things with all sorts of materials.

I’m happy to chat about technology, languages, communities, speaking at conferences and meetups, my cats and everything else. 🙂