John Li

Staff Android Engineer at Nextdoor

Talk Title

Major Savings with App Startup Shaving


Dubai Room




12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

Amazon has stated that every 100ms of latency costs them 1% of revenue in sales. It goes without saying that there is a strong incentive to improve startup time for their business. What could long startup times be costing us? User engagement, user retention, app store ranking, the list goes on.

App startup speed is paramount for delivering a seamless user experience alongside driving business success. We will go over how to start improving your app startup duration with examples ranging from less than 10 lines of code to multi-module solutions.

Come learn about the tips & tricks to shave hundreds of milliseconds off of your startup time.

Speaker Bio

John is an Android engineer on the Android platform team at Nextdoor. John has over 12 years of experience building mobile apps and enjoys giving back to learning communities through meetups, conferences, and published work.