Dan Peluso

Android Engineer @ Peloton

Talk Title

Coupling Compose: Interoperability in a Legacy Codebase


Dubai Room




13:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Struggling to use Compose in the context of an existing XML view codebase? Looking for ways you can convince higher-ups at your company that Compose should be the standard for front-end Android development? 

While Jetpack Compose has tons of developmental advantages, it can be tricky to justify changing what works in a legacy codebase. This talk will follow the case of using Compose within a legacy architecture as well as using Java XML views within Compose UI components. Compose is often shown in the context of replacing legacy views entirely - this presentation aims to prove that you can add it in any level of existing UI, and discuss the effects of utilizing Compose alongside legacy code.

Speaker Bio

Dan is a Android Developer and creative hobbyist who has been working with Android for the past 5 years. With experience across both startups and larger enterprises, he specializes in uniform app experiences and modern UI/UX practices. Working with Compose from its alpha stages, he considers himself to be an advocate in Compose across all levels of Android development scale.