Nick Sanjines

Senior Solutions Engineer,

Talk Title

Walk, Run, Fly – Take your build pipeline to the next level!


Sydney Room




11:15 > 20 min


on Twitter

The promise of DevOps is to accelerate build times and enable faster software delivery. But that promise isn't always kept. Are you struggling to deliver all the committed roadmap items on time? Do you find yourself reworking the same logic because your feedback loop takes too long?

Join this session to learn why fast builds (both locally and in CI) are important for development teams, especially for mobile applications. We'll walk through the benefits of a mobile-specific CI/CD process. Then we'll introduce what top teams are doing and how you can get there through a walk, run, fly approach.

You'll walk away from this session with concrete steps to take your current CI/CD setup to the next level, allowing your team to deliver more features, faster.

Speaker Bio

Nick is passionate about improving developer productivity through build, test, and deploy automation. As a former iOS and Android Developer, he has been able to help many mobile organizations both large and small to mature their automation practice.