Fredric Newberg

Chief Technology Officer at Embrace

Talk Title

Why ANRs are Hard to Solve and What You Can Do to Make it Easier


Sydney Room




10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

If you work on Android apps, you probably know that Google has a limit on how many ANRs your app can cause before they reduce the discoverability of your app. So whether you are focused on improving your end-user experience or improving your app's ranking in the app store, reducing the ANRs in your app is important. This session will cover the challenges of discovering and troubleshooting ANRs, and how you can more easily fix ANRs.

Speaker Bio

Fredric has great experience in building backend systems to handle the high data volumes that mobile game analytics platforms require. He was a founding engineer at Kontagent (now Upsight), a large-scale mobile analytics platform for top game developers. He designed and built backend systems that handled 1500 applications, 250M monthly active users, and 150B events each month for customers around the globe. He then was a founding engineer at Rave, one of the top social graph toolkits for mobile game developers. Rave handled Pokemon Go’s launch in 2016.