Lena Stepanova

Mobile Developer

Talk Title

The Art of KMP: what you need to know as a multiplatform developer


Tokyo Room




10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

There’s a lot of Android learning roadmaps on the internet, which cover some topics every Android developer should be familiar with. All of those can seem trivial to an experienced developer. But almost two years ago I felt like a beginner again - when I started learning KMP.

Just like when I first started with Android, I wanted to have a structured learning path for my KMP experience. And so I came up with a list to help KMP beginners on their journey, which was converted into a roadmap. Now all the Android learning maps have a continuation and won’t make you feel lost at the fork when you want to keep learning.

In this speech we’ll go over the following topics:
- Getting ready for KMP
- Importance of Clean Architecture in KMP
- Reactive UI and Streams
- Multilingual Developers
- Multiplatform teams and Communication

And last but not least, we'll see that art and multiplatform development are surprisingly related! 😉

Speaker Bio

Lena is an Android developer with curiosity for iOS. She got interested in mobile development during her computer science degree at TU Dresden and has been creating Android apps ever since. She is currently inspired by Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and enjoys sharing her experience with it.

When she’s not programming, Lena loves going on adventures, hiking around Europe, surfing, skiing, freediving and regaining strength with the best local cuisine she can find.