Mike Wolfson

Lead Android Engineer for Able AI LLC

Talk Title

Material You Review


Dubai Room




16:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

The introduction of Material Design was one of the more exciting things to happen to Android in years. It established a simple design system that enabled developers to apply universal styling patterns to create pleasing UI with minimal effort. Material has evolved throughout the years. The newest generation of the standard is named Material You, and is integrated directly with Jetpack Compose. It is a natural complement to writing Kotlin code, and is the perfect dynamic design system for all Android, Web, and Desktop apps.

This session will be an introduction to design systems. I will discuss how you can apply color, typography, and dimension standards across your Applications universally. This results in a UI that is easy to refactor, aesthetically pleasing, and can be made a11y compliant. Using Material, I will explain fundamental aspects of design that will empower developers to feel more confident about UI, and enable better communication with designers.

Speaker Bio

Mike is a product-focused developer working out of Phoenix. He has been working in the software field for more than 20 years, and with Android since its introduction. He is a Google Developer Expert in Android and the author of the book “Android Developer Tools Essentials” published by O’Reilly. He currently works for Adobe as a Lead Android Engineer.

He has spoken about software development at a variety of conferences and user groups (including Google IO, Oredev, Oscon, GDGSiliconValley, Oredev, Droidcon NYC & Turin, AnDevCon, and others). When he is not geeking out about phones, he enjoys the outdoors (snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving), collecting PEZ dispensers, and chasing his young (but quick) daughter.