Sweety Bertilla

Principal Engineer at Comcast

Talk Title

Reap the benefits of Android Studio


Tokyo Room




16:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Most of Android engineers use Android studio as their IDE and every new version of AS release we get many efficient features that we miss to use which can help to code and debug efficiently. Let's look at the some of the nice features that are available in Android Studio.
Many of us might already been tracking our crashes through Firebase Crashlytics, did you know that we can now view this reporting directly in Android studio. This makes it easy to launch the class directly from one click and fix the issues quickly.
Now that we have all moved to Compose, lets deep dive into all the features we can use in Android for writing, debugging and testing compose UI such as
• Layout validation - visualize the lint errors on different screens. Verify localization for different languages
• Device mirroring - Now we mirror our device and project the view through Android studio(do you still need vysor?? )
• Resizable Emulator - we can now view our app in emulator by changing from phone to tablet or even foldable devices without have to create different emulator and run it each time.
• Layout Inspector - able to see the recomposition counts and view the UI layer in 3D
• Compose preview - Check the cool live updates and set dimensions to see the view for different screen sizes
• Compose Tracing - helps to trace the compose views in System Trace profiler
Logcat can be modified to different settings that help us to analyze the logs better
Studio Bot - have an Android question?, ask Studio Bot which is available from Android studio version Hedgehog

Speaker Bio

Principal Software Engineer working on Xfinity App for Comcast cable. Passionate towards learning new mobile technologies and implementing them. Her love to exploring new recipes made her create her first Android app on Indian recipes. Her hobbies include fishing and playing with her son and daughter