Krishna Vishnubhotla

Product Strategy @ Zimperium

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Unlocking Mobile App Security: Key Insights for Navigating a Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape


Sydney Room




12:10 > 20 min


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In today's digital age, mobile apps have evolved into multi-faceted platforms that blend communication, collaboration, and commerce. However, the diversification of mobile devices, the ubiquity of cloud computing, and the integration of third-party components have fundamentally altered how apps manage, transmit, and store data. These changes have dramatically increased the attack surface, putting sensitive information at heightened risk.

Join us for an insightful 20-minute session where we'll delve into the critical security needs across the app lifecycle to fend off abuse. Discover why current trends are converging to create a 'perfect storm' of poor security practices, inadequate safeguards, and vulnerable devices.

To help you better protect your app from malicious actors and untrustworthy environments, we'll conclude with key insights into risk assessments, code protection, key protection and runtime protection.

Take advantage of this chance to gain valuable, actionable insights for developing compliant, secure, and resilient mobile applications. Be prepared for the future of mobile app security!

Speaker Bio

Krishna Vishnubhotla is a seasoned leader deeply committed to crafting products that make a difference. With a prosperous career spanning over two decades in technology and banking, his expertise lies in product strategy, marketing, and customer success. Driven by a passion for driving growth and forging strategic global alliances, Krishna continuously aims to push boundaries and deliver tangible impact.