Stephen Edwards

Android Engineer @ Square

Talk Title

Coroutines, Flow & Android: The Good Parts


Sydney Room




14:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

In Kotlin Coroutines and Flow, there are many APIs and patterns that we have found either wrong or suboptimal in our work at Cash App and Square. You can’t build a complete application without these features, but our experience with coroutines at all levels of our applications has shown that not every part of Kotlin’s API is created equal for day-to-day use, nor is everything safe to use in all combinations. The good news is that we’ve also found that there is a bright and clear path: a core set of APIs and approaches (plus some small safety utilities around them) that we wholeheartedly endorse. We call these the “good parts” of coroutines, and if you use them you can write simpler control flow, more bulletproof error handling, and easy-to-understand concurrency.

Speaker Bio

Working on Android Foundations @ Square. Helps to maintain the core coroutines infrastructure and the Workflow Kotlin library.