Stephen Edwards

Android Engineer @ Square

Talk Title

Migration without Migraines: Automatic Migration at Scale






13:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

Engineers from Square have presented about the Workflow framework at Droidcon 4 different times before. Over the past 4 years we have continued to evolve and improve the library, including some API changes. The usage continues to grow, making up over 70% of Square Android application screens but over those 4 years we ended up with 4 different versions of Workflow in use in the codebase at the same time. In this talk we’ll tell you a story of consolidating the API over the huge megarepo, and a migration of more than 500 screens to a single version of the framework.

Learning Points:
- How one can use code static analysis tools such as ktlint to aid in an API migration that is not possible as entirely mechanical (i.e. without engineer critical thinking).
- The importance of quick, visible feedback to migration efforts.
- The value of ease-of-use and satisfaction for developers with migration tools.

Speaker Bio

Working on Client Foundations @ Square. Helps to maintain the Workflow Kotlin library.